by Violet

Speeding down the highway with blaring music, letting the vibrations drown out the voices in my head. I think I might be missing you, and I scold myself for allowing this to happen. I keep wondering when I’ll outgrow these childish infatuations, but you keep pulling me closer with your lousy attempts at intimacy, and we are both getting nowhere.

It’s midnight and I’m still waiting for your call. My number flashes up on your phone with just the smallest hint of desperation. You took one glance and shook your head disapprovingly, as if scolding a child, and return to telling your joke. You don’t notice me standing in the background, with the glazed look of a woman scorned. I hear her laughter, and it turns my insides cold. Amidst this game of love and war, I vowed to never gamble my heart away, I have learned to love living more.

3 am rolls around and your whiskey soaked breath is next to mine, whispering dark fantasies not meant for daylight. I’m expected to nurse your hangover in the morning, but now I’m wide awake, nursing the terrible thoughts you’ve planted in my head. You think you might love me, but we both know I love you more. Reality is unforgiving to hopeless optimists who still believe in magic. It takes courage to bear unwavering faith, it takes a fool.

I am waiting for you to prove me wrong again.

I am begging you to prove me right instead.