by Violet

A part of her enjoyed the ambiguity, never knowing where they stand. It adds a layer of intrigue to the game, when everything is open to interpretation, anything can happen.

It is the unknown that allows us to dream, to imagine what could have been and what might still be. I am in my own sick world of fantasy, dreaming of summer highs and untouched by reality, unscathed by life’s arduous lessons, I am reborn.

We talked politics, science, religion, and I questioned his faith. Hours vanished and when I closed my eyes I no longer cared what the world thought of me. I pictured what it would be like to wake up to the steady rhythm of his heartbeat, whether it would resemble a seamless coexistence or share the bitter taste of lingering regret. I wondered what it would be like if this didn’t have to end. Whether it was a future of possibilities or merely temporary infatuation. He tells the most beautiful lies, but all good things must come to an end.

I am envious of those who sleep peacefully, unperturbed by the troublesome nature of existing, because life has been kind to them. You see fire in my eyes but I didn’t come here to ruin you, I didn’t come here to hold you either but now I can’t seem to stop. This is more than lust, more than flowers and fine words but a deviant formula, an unnatural intimacy between strangers.

When we cross the invisible line of visibility, when our clothes come off, the lights come on, and our bodies dance, I urge you to see more. I grant you the illusion that I am falling, but I am painting constellations in your lifeline and when you let go, I’ll remain volant. It is the greatest curse of the human condition, to be blessed with a kind heart and a gentle spirit; but with love on my hands, I will rewrite the ending to our story.