by Violet

Standing at the airport again with my bags in one hand and your goodbyes clutched in the other. Life amuses all by playing tricks on us and I’m picking up the pieces where you left them, we’re alone again but this time I don’t feel lonely when I’m not holding your hand. Our story began two years ago when I fell asleep in your arms, but now I can hardy remember the last time I woke up from a dream that didn’t involve a nightmare. I saw you smiling in the light at the end of the tunnel, you whispered my name, tears streamed down my face and all was well again. No humble apologies required this time, I forgive you for all your transgressions. I remember the capacity of human error, I understand your mistakes, I am letting you go.

Remember we are all living on borrowed time, and one day these mistakes will all be erased, the world will be a better place without us. But there is darkness emanating through me, and everything I touch turns to dust, it is the curse of your love. I am caught in the labyrinth of your imagination, the inner workings and twisted mind of a madman. I am staring at the stars, searching for my origins, hoping to hear a voice of comfort or a whisper of something, someone please, remind me that I am alive, and this is more than a dream. I want to wake up.

Something inside me has been wounded, or maybe I have always been this way. Maybe the cracks were always there and you merely removed the stitches, maybe you set me free. But the higher I fly the harder I’ll fall and the fear is what drives me, it’s driving me insane. I look into your eyes hoping to find mercy, but all I see is the unforgiving cruelty of a lunatic, the remnants of a brilliant mind, clouded by depravity and sadistic intentions. You have come here to hurt me, at last. I have waited a long time for you someone like you.