An open letter to all the angry feminists,

by Violet

Last week I submitted my revised “Why Feminism is Hurting Women” article to my university’s student magazine. People got very offended, especially this hipster who gets all his news from The Daily Show.

I have written a response, but the editor of the magazine is reluctant to publish it because of all the hate mail the last article garnered. But I worked pretty hard on it, so I thought I’d at least share it here and see what you guys think.

First and foremost, I agree with the principles of women’s rights, that women should be treated fairly, equal to men both socially and politically. I really thought I made that clear. It’s my opinion that we’ve achieved this (and more) within most parts of the western world. Women can vote, access higher education, work within most fields, and hold positions of political influence. Open expressions of sexism, discrimination, sexual harassment and violence against women are no longer accepted by this society, and there are laws to punish offenders. Anti-feminist =/= anti-woman.

Feminism promotes the rights of women over those of men. It endorses misandry, blames men for the failings of individual women, and thrives through instilling a victim complex within women to further its agenda. I see feminism as damaging to both women and men, their relationships, social cohesion, and the very structure our civilisation was founded upon.

People often confuse the concept of women’s rights with feminism. The feminist ideology is nonsense, and operates on the premise that the sexes are identical, thus interchangeable and in perpetual competition. I am merely pointing out that men and women are different, designed to compliment one another through our differing roles, responsibilities and strengths.

Feminists believe that western patriarchal structure is inherently abusive, implemented for the purpose of ‘keeping women down’, when in reality, it is the natural societal outcome of a species with a high level of sexual dimorphism.

Modern western women are some of the most pampered and privileged humans on the planet, and have no idea what real oppression feels like. Western men want to defend us so much that the idea of 600 words of hard truth hurting the feelings of the female population of New Zealand was enough to make some feel “physically ill”.

I am not downplaying the female contribution to society. Women are invaluable to many industries. Teaching and nursing are two examples of traditionally female vocations. Guess what, these fields are still statistically dominated by women! So much for cultural conditioning! There is simply no need to impose what comes naturally and effortlessly.

Feminists will tell you that you must lead a highly successful career, defined by ‘making it’ to the top of the corporate chain in order to be ‘empowered’ and ‘liberated’. A traditional family set up with a sex-based division of labour and responsibility is what comes naturally and more easily to most people. Obviously a small number of women are more suited to traditionally male occupations, and they should be free to follow this path if that’s where their talents lie. This shouldn’t have to be mandated by government policy.

Feminists love to brandish false statistics. The ‘wage gap’ is largely a myth, and some simple research would enlighten you if you bothered to fact check your arguments (which feminists never do). I never said that employment discrimination against women should be encouraged, or that it’s ethical. I am simply pointing out that it exists. Take a management paper and you will know this, it’s nothing new. Inequality is a part of life. Employers are averse to paying an employee for not being present at work. Maternity leave, from a financial point of view, is a cause of distress to most employers, especially in today’s economy. Feminists’ inability to face reality is offensive to me.

None of us are identical in ability or potential. Feminists like to passively whine about the injustices of life, and wait for others to intervene on their behalf. Overcoming and bettering oneself is the path to true empowerment. Demanding that the field be levelled for your own benefit is completely unfair to everyone involved.

Feminists take the problems and complaints of individual women and turn them into ‘women’s issues’. They want to ‘teach men not to rape’, and are ignorant of the fact that rape is caused not by cultural factors, but by the conscious decisions of a small percentage of the community to commit a violent crime. I don’t want to ‘teach men not to rape’, I shouldn’t have to. My rapist didn’t do it because society told him it was right. I want rapists to be punished and held accountable for their crimes. Feminists blame society for the minority of men who commit acts of violence against women, when it is society that makes men civil in the first place.

My article was never derogatory towards females, and was intended for the eyes of an audience with an open mind to the plight, the experiences and observations of others. Those whom were well-read with a good level of reading comprehension were able to understand. I did not expect unanimous agreement with the article, and in fact enjoy the thought-provoking nature of a well-informed debate. I only request that if you wish to refute my arguments, please form the basis of your rebuttal around what I have actually said, rather than the words you put in my mouth because your level of education hindered your ability to understand the heart of the argument. My article made it very clear that I do not think that women should be treated as second-rate citizens, only that if a woman is not able to be highly successful in the workplace and fulfil all the family duties then she shouldn’t be judged or faulted by society.

51.343% of the population of New Zealand, and I, do not need people like Craig to defend us against imagined slights and first world problems.

If you really care about the welfare of women who really have been victimised, then donate or volunteer for women’s refuges or domestic violence charities. Work with Amnesty International, be kinder to the women in your life, and read Half The Sky.


Sincerely yours,

A 22 year old Asian female, for those who were asking on Facebook whether I was a woman so you could decide how offended you should be.

P.S. “I have a law degree” is not an argument. Craig is the poster child of why people shouldn’t stay in school for too long. I don’t think he is a bad person, but the pathway to hell is paved with good intentions.