by Violet

I hope you know that I have loved you at your best and I will forgive your worst.

I hope you remember that the rainbow comes after the storm and no matter how many cloudy days come in a row, the sun will always rise, so don’t let life move on without you.

I want you to remember the good times when things are bad and I want the bad times to make you stronger.

I hope you laugh and cry and fall and fight and know that failing doesn’t make you weak, it makes you human.

I hope you have your heart broken by the wrong person so when the right one comes along you won’t take them for granted.

I hope you know you’ll always have a shoulder to cry on, and though you’re no angel, if I believed that heaven existed, I’m certain that’s where you’d go.

I hope you know you never have to fake a smile for me, because I’d rather hear you curse than watch you pretend you’re not hurting. 

I hope we don’t drift apart because of silly reasons, I hope we remember the important things in life, and when we’re old and wrinkly, I hope we’re still friends.