by Violet

A generation of lunatics and sociopaths, raised by toxic parents who were either too young or too selfish to hug without leaving bruises. When marriages begin to mean less than the piece of paper that divides your assets, but you stand up shamelessly in front of loved ones and promise ’till death do us part’.

People used to believe in love, she said. They used to know how to love, and they did it better than the movies. They used to write letters, real paper with real words, poems that didn’t feel silly. They would bring you flowers that reminded you the world was beautiful, and the roses would cut because they’re not supposed to be wrapped up in ribbons and plastic.

There was a time when dressing up for a date didn’t feel like a chore and making a man fall in love didn’t involve four tequila shots and clothes scattered on his bedroom floor. There was a time when people kissed because they loved each other, not because they were lonely. But we’re smarter than that, so we say goodbye in the morning and we never call. He ticks off another conquest and she drinks till she forgets that he’s married.