by Violet

Here’s to the unlucky ones, the ones who never make it down the aisle, never catch the bouquet, and never wear their hair flowing down, curled to perfection to match a flawless white dress.

Here’s to that charming boy who crushed her spirit, made her stop fighting, and taught her how to kiss without feeling. He showed her the world only to steal the colours away, leaving her with black and grey and stories too painful to explain.

Here’s to the liar who tricked her into believing that happiness is a choice, but ultimately took away her options. She had worked so hard for a happy ending that belonged to another now, and it felt unfair for death to be so far.

Here’s to those sweet tales that he fed her with a honey coating, but now they rotted her from the inside and fought to escape whenever she was sober. Lie to her, offer her hope, feed her another spoon of sugar, tell her she’s sweet, and don’t fall in love.