by Violet

You realise quickly that people will say anything to make themselves feel better. He’ll tell them that he was trying to help you but you didn’t let him. When you look back you can’t recall him ever trying to fix anything that was broken. The leak on the shower head didn’t bother him, the cracks in the plates didn’t warrant replacement, the spaces in your heart he promised to but never filled in. You remember all he ever did was run away.

The cruelty he administered could only be crudely depicted as the works of a spoiled child who always got what he wanted. The day will come when getting what he wanted won’t be enough, and you won’t be there to show him the way back. You’ll have met another stranger who made you laugh.

So let the sadness leave your body, don’t hold on so tight to all the hurt. Do not let the guilt swallow you whole. Do not seek comfort in his empty words. Do not wait for the apology that’s already lost its worth. Do not wait until you’re old and your hearing is weak and his words will be soft and sweet, do not wait for that day. Do not fall in love with his lies and deceit and well chosen praises that made you sink too deep. Do not fall for his charm and the broken promises that visit your dreams. Do not think of the warm embrace of his strong arms and the skilled ways he touched you that only comes from learned treachery. Do not miss the pain of his love, do not let it haunt you. Do not become cold like the others, and when he tries to blame you for the burns, tell him not to play with fireworks.