by Violet

She loved him for showing her the light. He told her she was lovely, and made her feel everything she thought she could never feel again. It was almost cruel of him to point out the part of her she thought she’d lost forever, because when he did, she fell with no reservations. She loved him more than she ever loved another human being.

She didn’t want to fight anymore about who was right, nor could she blame him for cutting her out of his life. They had been so perfect together that they knew exactly how to destroy each other. Neither of them knew how to walk away before the hurt could no longer be contained, so now she spends all her time drinking and writing stories about a missing life.

She chased away the thoughts of him with vodka, and drowned the part that still hurt with whiskey. She murdered what was left of her heart with tequila, and erased the good and bad memories with four bottles of wine. She traded the worst hangovers in the morning for a few blissful moments of not knowing his name. She wanted to kill the part of her that still loved him, but there wasn’t enough alcohol in this world to mask her pain.