by Violet

The storm outside did not bother her half as much as the storm in her heart.

She missed the sound of your voice, the soft echo of your laugh, the faint stubble on your cheeks at three o’clock in the afternoon when you debated whether to shave again. She missed the way you smiled at her, the adoring sight of your gaze, the spark in your eyes and the comfortable silence you gave.

All that she ever will be is the girl that loved you madly. She gave you no other choice but to be the one who remained sane.

Next time, darling boy, do not fall in love with a girl who tells you she’s crazy. She will make you the perfect coffee one morning and nothing else will ever taste the same. She will draw roses in your heart and the thorns will dig deep when it’s time to make you bleed. She will bring knives to the bed and hide them under the pillows so she can feel safe. She will break your favourite things when you hurt her and pretend it was an honest mistake. She won’t hesitate to bite when you’re exposed, her tongue like a dagger, her words dipped in poison, and the truth will hurt more than you could ever have imagined. She will throw herself at traffic when you are watching and you won’t be able to look away. She will haunt you forever in the name of love and you will be sorry you ever said you loved her, you’ll have loved her in vain.