by Violet

9 PM was just early enough for her to worry. It was the beginning of another long night, and her distractions were losing their efficacy. She was drowsy from the beer she had at dinner, and the alcohol was telling her to call you.

10 PM was the time her parents wanted her to sleep. Traditional eastern medicine claimed that this was the most sensible hour to rest, to allow the body to regenerate properly. She tried but when she closed her eyes her mind began racing.

11 PM was irritating to say the least. Everyone else was dreaming and the silence starts to close in on her. The air grows heavier and she stares at the clock till it’s time to make a wish. She wished she didn’t feel so lonely.

Midnight was supposed to be charming like the fairytale stories. For her it was always a sign that she’d missed some unwritten deadline. She was being left behind, abandoned by the rest of the world while they slept soundly.

1 AM was the hour for honesty. She would count her flaws and analyse every mistake that made her crazy. She wanted to tell you she wasn’t always like this, that a long time ago she had a smile that made life look easy.

2 AM was a suitable moment to contemplate her mortality. She reflected on the weakness of her being, how fragile the human body is and how foolish it seemed when people pretended they weren’t living on borrowed time.

3 AM was reserved for regrets and memories. She hated herself for remembering too clearly, and wanted to know if it would ever stop hurting. She breathed slowly and waited for exhaustion to grab her; she had a long day ahead.