by Violet

If there was a door in front of you, that could lead to heaven or hell, but you didn’t know which, would you knock?

She did. She knocked, and he answered all her prayers.

She thought heaven would be hell without you; what a simple girl, what an absurd misunderstanding.

It must have taken you years to perfect the art of deception. You filled her heart with your lies and deceit, gently guiding her towards the edge of the cliff with your reluctant promises of a wonderful life together. But at least when you pushed her, it was by the courtesy of your own hand. You refused to miss the show; how noble of you, to provide a comforting touch at the moment of her demise.

Sadly, there was no applause, no crowds to gaze upon the pretty fragments of your masterpiece. All the blood and broken bones, you were the only witness to her fall. Such a spectacular flight, you wanted cameras and lights, you demanded cheers for an encore.

She’s looking up at you timidly, and to your great horror and regret, you saw more than confusion and despair. There was sorrow, there was fear, but there was still love and trust, and when she questioned you with desperate silence, her eyes beckoning you to explain, you knew the exposition had to be good or she’d make you suffer too. You knew she’d make you feel pain, and hate, and spite, and all the other things that make good men break. But you’re not a good man, are you, sir? Not just a moment of weakness, but a lifetime’s worth, and like a coward, you tried to blame her.

That’s all you’ve given her, that’s all she has left: your sadistic lies. She feels them under her skin, where you’ve touched her. She feels them when she remembers your kiss, when she craves the taste of your lips. She feels them when she’s torn to pieces, when you look at her with those innocent blue eyes. She feels them when she writes, when she’s alone at night. She feels them in the ink, as she watches it dry, she feels the permanence of their effects and she tries with all her might not to cry. Your lies were just too good, she felt they had to be immortalised.