by Violet

You see her at the coffee shop with a stranger. She takes out a book and he gazes at her fondly, their hands collide and he leans forward to kiss her. She smiles knowingly and their lips meet, her hand brushes against his cheek, her signature touch, the one you miss so much. The book is left on the table unopened, they’re too busy reading each other.

You see her walking on the street with another. He’s keeping to her pace, not rushing to get anywhere because her presence was what mattered, not the destination. Their hands bump awkwardly and their fingers intertwine, they walk like that for a long time. They don’t see you when they walk past, you’re the stranger now. 

You see her in his bedroom, wearing her battle armour. Her mouth was a daring shade of red, the colour of the devil, inviting, tempting, and he’s only human. He stares at her in wonder and tells her she’s beautiful, it makes her laugh. Tell me something I don’t already know. His eyes wander and lands on her scars, and he froze, he knew he couldn’t touch her. He knew if he laid one finger on her she would break into a million pieces and that just wouldn’t be right. She deserved to be treasured, such a fragile creature built of broken dreams and good intentions, she had to be loved. But then she smiled at him and there was nothing left to do but to kiss her, the girl cursed with a body that only awakened lust. 

You see her in the morning, her hair all messed up. Her arms wrapped around him, just tight enough to make him panic at what he’s done. He knew he had sentenced her to unimaginable cruelty, and when the time came, she’ll miss the way hell felt. Perhaps it was the feeble human connection that drives people towards inevitable pain and suffering, but his wicked thoughts startled her and she opened her eyes. She smiled at him in a way no one else ever had, and whispered good morning. The curl of her mouth, the spark in her eyes, the shadow of sadness, so exquisite, he wanted to capture it forever but that’s when he knew, she was the one that would break his heart.