by Violet

Love at first sight can never last. It is an infatuation, a mask, and you know by now that sweet words are dripped in poison, with a bitter after taste. 

Yet sometimes I think it’s a shame we can’t say I love you too soon. We’re too young to feel so jaded that love becomes a calculated strategy, and you should know better by now. The timing will never be ‘perfect’, you will never be able to control everything. 

I’m too easily confused to play this romance game. It doesn’t seem fair that we can kiss so passionately yet be so frightened of three simple words. It doesn’t seem right that we can be so intimate, that you’ve seen all my imperfections and kissed every part, yet refuse to say what’s bound to win my heart.

You make me feel beautiful, worthy, whole. But there are so many scars reminding me of my ugly past, telling me that I’m not enough. You deserve someone stronger, someone who is better at loving herself.